[Gluster-users] Does distributed bricks recover data automatically?

Yueyu Lin yueyu.lin at me.com
Mon May 2 05:47:18 UTC 2011

Hi, all
   Maybe the title is not that clear. Let me explain my scenario in details here.
   Assuming I have a storage cluster in distributed replication configuration. The replica factor is 2 that means every brick has another one to be backup for each other.
   Whenever one of the brick is crashed, it will be detected by our system immediately. Our system can recover it using another CLEAN system. CLEAN means all the configurations including MAC and IP are the same. But the new system has no data stored in it at all.
   After the new instance is restarted, since it has the same IP, it will be added to the cluster automatically. But the problem is that it has no data, will the GlusterFS find the data inconsistency and replicate from another brick to the new recovered brick? Or should I run fschk to trigger the data fixing?
   Thanks a lot in advance.

Yueyu, Lin 
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