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With the Distributed Volumes configuration, is it possible to specify
that files be written locally first (like NUFA in 3.0) ?


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*sorry - twice today I have forgot to include the mailing list in the


Using the 'gluster' command in gluster 3.1.x is the preferred method
to set up volumes so there should be no need to alter config files
manually (I am unsure of the state of custom translators and would not
know if you need them for your situation).

But just to recap...

Distributed Volumes:

# gluster volume create test-volume transport tcp server1:/exp1
server2:/exp2 server3:/exp3 server4:/exp4

This method will use the storage allocated in every brick for use as a
large file system. There is no failover - so if you reboot a server,
the filesystem will be unavailable until the server is back online (if
you loose the server and its bricks - some files will be

Files are written to the storage so as to attempt to make each brick
use approximately the same space.

(file1 -> server1 ... file2 -> server2 ... etc)

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