[Gluster-users] Using TSM to back-up glusterfs

Pat Haley phaley at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 27 19:08:53 UTC 2011


We have been trying back-up a glusterfs (v3.1.4) area using
the Tivoli TSM software to an off-site area.  The back-up
keeps failing with the following typical error messages

06/14/2011 22:22:58 ANS1587W  I/O error reading file attributes for: 
/gdata/projects/philex/OAG/2011/May16/mdor3km10/coast_den2.in. errno = 
22, Invalid argument

06/14/2011 22:22:59 ANS4007E Error processing 
'/gdata/projects/philex/OAG/2011/May16/mdor3km07/coast_den2.in': access 
to the object is denied

We originally thought the problem was bad meta-pointer files,
but we still experience the failures after deleting all meta-pointer

Has anyone else experienced/solved this problem?

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