[Gluster-users] Distributed volumes and folder count limits?

Eetu Luodemaa eetu.luodemaa at documill.com
Mon Jun 27 12:41:36 UTC 2011

Most common disk file systems have a maximum of 2^32 inodes, whereas
GlusterFS can have 2^64 as far as I know. GlusterFS seems to replicate the
directory structure on distributed volumes on all bricks, unlike files
which it puts into only one brick.

Does this mean that if there are lots of folders, such as each file in a
leaf node of a directory tree, the inode count limit of the underlying
disk file systems limits the cluster inode count, and you cannot have more
than around 4 billion folders on the volume?

Also, is there a way to disable the directory replication? That would
solve the problem, at least if it doesn't mean sacrificing performance.


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