[Gluster-users] Performance on GlusterFS

Anish.B.Kumar at ril.com Anish.B.Kumar at ril.com
Sat Jun 25 10:48:31 UTC 2011

My virtual machines are Linux (RHEL 5.3 64 bit ).
The RAM is of 4 GB on host server running Virtual machines. 

Anish Kumar

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On Saturday 25 June 2011 03:56 PM, Anish.B.Kumar at ril.com wrote:
> Yes sure it's  74 MB .
>   I am using Gluster version
> In my 4 node cluster setup, one of my node on which I am performing test run is physical sever of HP proliant DL 380 G5  having RHEL 5.5 OS ,is having 1000Mbps network.
> Other three nodes are hosted on Windows 2008 R2 on virtual machine(VM 
> ware Application)  , host machine network is of 1Gbps

What are you virtual machines? Linux, I suppose?

A few aspects of your setup makes the comparison unfair -

1. Since you run untar on the local file system on a physical server, the is a possibility to see the effect of write caching.

2. Since glusterfs is working on VMs, the comparison of its performance with that on a physical server is not fair.

3. The VMs are hosted on a system with low network bandwidth.

4. The IO throughput inside a VM is limited by the throughput of the host file system, in this case - a Windows filesystem (NTFS) ?

What is the amount of RAM on the Windows system hosting the VMs?


> Regards,
> Anish Kumar
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