[Gluster-users] Files present on the backend but have become invisible from clients

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Wed Jun 22 20:40:55 UTC 2011

On 06/22/2011 02:44 PM, Burnash, James wrote:
> g01/pfs-ro1-client-0=0x000000000000000000000000 jc1letgfs17 
> g01/pfs-ro1-client-0=0x000000000600000800000000 jc1letgfs18 
> g01/pfs-ro1-client-20=0x000000000000000000000000 jc1letgfs14 
> g01/pfs-ro1-client-20=0x000000000200000000000000 jc1letgfs15 
> g02/pfs-ro1-client-2=0x000000000000000000000000 jc1letgfs17 
> g02/pfs-ro1-client-2=0x000000004500000400000000 jc1letgfs18 
> g02/pfs-ro1-client-22=0x000000000000000000000000 jc1letgfs14 
> g02/pfs-ro1-client-22=0x000000000200000000000000 jc1letgfs15
> Would anybody have any insights as to what is going on here? I'm 
> seeing attributes in my sleep these days ... that cannot be good!

When I look at this, a few things occur to me.  First, those are some
pretty big metadata-change numbers.  For g02 on fs18, 0x45000004 is
actually 0x04000045 - about 67M - after byte swapping.  The other
thing that seems strange is that it always seems to be the second
member of a replica pair "indicting" the first. Lastly, if you don't
see any non-zero xattrs besides those above then this is not a normal
split-brain situation.  It might be a more exotic kind, based on
*missing* xattrs.  Here's the sequence:

* Lookup for '/' on client-0 returns a zero opcounts for both client-0
  and client-1

* Lookup for '/' on client-1 returns a non-zero opcount for client-0 and
  *no xattr at all* (i.e. missing) for client-1

* Client-1 is declared "ignorant" in afr_sh_build_pending_matrix

* Client-0's value for client-1 is incremented, again in

* Client-0 and client-1 are both marked "wise" in afr_sh_mark_sources

* Client-0 and client-1 both receive wisdom=0 in afr_sh_compute_wisdom

* No wisdom=1 nodes are found in afr_sh_wise_nodes_conflict

* The "Unable to self-heal" messages come from afr_sh_metadata_fix

So, what I'd do is check whether the following xattrs are missing:


There might be other "false split-brain" scenarios lurking in this code.
 I don't fully understand it, but it seems to go through a lot of paths
that might not have been fully tested.

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