[Gluster-users] GlusterFS 3.1.5 now available

Harshavardhana harsha at gluster.com
Wed Jun 22 19:41:53 UTC 2011

> The client problem was that, after doing the above to the storage servers,
> the client(s) obviously had cache issues. Doing an “ls” on a native
> GlusterFS mount showed only several subdirectories out of many, and a “du
> –sh” of the mount point gave this message on the client:****
> ** **
>   du: fts_read failed: No such file or directory****
> ** **
> Clearing the client cache as suggested did not resolve this problem, but
> restarting the client (I have my own /etc/init.d/gluster-client script,
> which basically loads and unloads the gluster-fuse module and does the
> mounts and dismounts) cleared up the problem.****
> **

Then its not a caching problem. The problem could be in the volume graph, or
server exporting volume graph.   3.1.3 clients were not connected to servers
perhaps. Please file a bug with relevant logs, we might have to see why
there was no successful reconnect.




Gluster Inc

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