[Gluster-users] one file not being synced

Dominic Settele settele at spendino.de
Tue Jun 21 14:20:25 UTC 2011

Hello gluster-mailinglist,

We have a two node glusterFS running.
Version 3.0.5 - installed from debian backports repository.
Both servers are gluster-server and client at the same time.

Today we discovered a file on one node only being filled with ^@ 
Issuing a ls in on both nodes in the folder, where the problematic file was,
did not change anything.
At least we could solve it, by touching the non-corrupted file on one node,
which leads to the file being synced.

That behaviour raised some questions:

* Is there any possibility to see such synchronisation errors in the logs?
   We looked in different locations, but haven't found any hint on how 
to recognize
   such failures in future, bevore our customers do ;)

* Is there a tool or something to see the synchronisation status of the 
   We're afraid, that there are other files like the one we discovered,
   but which do not raise an instant error in our application.
   Is there a way of detecting such de-syncronisation issues?

Some configuration files:
glusterfs.vol : http://pastie.org/2101528
glusterfsd.vol : http://pastie.org/2101536

btw. if someone is looking over the configs and find an obvious 
which will speed up our cake-php and typo3 based webservice,
I would be really thankfull too :)

Take Care,


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