[Gluster-users] Per-directory brick preference?

Philip Poten philip.poten at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 17:26:56 UTC 2011


I operate a distributed replicated (1:2) setup that looks like this:


replica sets are bigdisk-bigdisk and smalldisk-smalldisk.

This setup will be extended by another set of four bricks (same setup)
within the next few days, and I could make those into another volume
entirely, but I'd prefer not to, leaving me with more disks and hosts to
distribute the data.

Now, I should've seen this earlier and used different volumes for this, but
I'd like to seperate two main directories between bigdisk and smalldisk
replica sets.

Is there a best practice for doing this? I thought I could manually move all
the files pertaining to those directories between the disks, but since this
is a production system, I'd like to know if gluster can handle this, and if
not, if there's a better way to achieve this - without seperating the data
into two volumes.

any help greatly appreciated,
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