[Gluster-users] [Gluster3.2 at Grid5000] 128 nodes failure and rr scheduler question

Francois THIEBOLT thiebolt at irit.fr
Wed Jun 8 12:40:17 UTC 2011


I'm driving some experiments on grid'5000 with GlusterFS 3.2 and, as a 
first point, i've been unable to start a volume featuring 128bricks (64 ok)

Then, due to the round-robin scheduler, as the number of nodes increase 
(every node is also a brick), the performance of an application on an 
individual node decrease!
So my question is : how to STOP the round-robin distribution of files 
over the bricks within a volume ?

*** Setup ***
- i'm using glusterfs3.2 from source
- every node is both a client node and a brick (storage)
Commands :
- gluster peer probe <each of the 128nodes>
- gluster volume create myVolume transport tcp <128 bricks:/storage>
- gluster volume start myVolume (fails with 128 bricks!)
- mount -t glusterfs ...... on all nodes

Feel free to tell me how to improve things


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