[Gluster-users] uninterruptible processes writing to glusterfs share

Markus Fröhlich markus.froehlich at xidras.com
Mon Jun 6 15:03:14 UTC 2011


sometimes we've on some client-servers hanging uninterruptible processes 
("ps aux" stat is on "D" ) and on one the CPU wait I/O grows within some 
minutes to 100%.
you are not able to kill such processes - also "kill -9" doesnt work - 
when you connect via "strace" to such an process, you wont see anything 
and you cannot detach it again.

there are only two possibilities:
killing the glusterfs process (umount GFS share) or rebooting the server.

the only log entry I found, was on one client - just a single line:
[2011-06-06 10:44:18.593211] I 
[afr-common.c:581:afr_lookup_collect_xattr] 0-office-data-replicate-0: 
data self-heal is pending for 

one of the client-servers is a samba-server, the other one a 
backup-server based on rsync with millions of small files.

gfs-servers + gfs-clients: SLES11 x86_64, glusterfs V 3.2.0

and here are the configs from server and client:
server config 
volume office-data-posix
     type storage/posix
     option directory /GFS/office-data02

volume office-data-access-control
     type features/access-control
     subvolumes office-data-posix

volume office-data-locks
     type features/locks
     subvolumes office-data-access-control

volume office-data-io-threads
     type performance/io-threads
     subvolumes office-data-locks

volume office-data-marker
     type features/marker
     option volume-uuid 3c6e633d-a0bb-4c52-8f05-a2db9bc9c659
     option timestamp-file /etc/glusterd/vols/office-data/marker.tstamp
     option xtime off
     option quota off
     subvolumes office-data-io-threads

volume /GFS/office-data02
     type debug/io-stats
     option latency-measurement off
     option count-fop-hits off
     subvolumes office-data-marker

volume office-data-server
     type protocol/server
     option transport-type tcp
     option auth.addr./GFS/office-data02.allow *
     subvolumes /GFS/office-data02

client config "/etc/glusterd/vols/office-data/office-data-fuse.vol":
volume office-data-client-0
     type protocol/client
     option remote-host gfs-01-01
     option remote-subvolume /GFS/office-data02
     option transport-type tcp

volume office-data-replicate-0
     type cluster/replicate
     subvolumes office-data-client-0

volume office-data-write-behind
     type performance/write-behind
     subvolumes office-data-replicate-0

volume office-data-read-ahead
     type performance/read-ahead
     subvolumes office-data-write-behind

volume office-data-io-cache
     type performance/io-cache
     subvolumes office-data-read-ahead

volume office-data-quick-read
     type performance/quick-read
     subvolumes office-data-io-cache

volume office-data-stat-prefetch
     type performance/stat-prefetch
     subvolumes office-data-quick-read

volume office-data
     type debug/io-stats
     option latency-measurement off
     option count-fop-hits off
     subvolumes office-data-stat-prefetch

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