[Gluster-users] adding new bricks for volume expansion with 3.0.x?

mki-glusterfs at mozone.net mki-glusterfs at mozone.net
Sat Jun 4 21:41:03 UTC 2011

> How does one go about expanding a volume that consists of a distribute
> -replicate set of machines in 3.0.6?  The setup consists of 4 pairs 
> of machines, with 3 bricks per machine.  I need to add an additional 5
> pair of machines (15 bricks) to the volume, but I don't understand 
> what's required per se.  There are currently 4 client machines mounting
> the volume using the ip.of.first.backend:/volume syntax in fstab where
> the first backend server provides the general volume to the clients.

Following up on my own message, it seems that's exactly it, one must 
mount the volumes using seperate vol files (not using the ip:/vol
syntax).  And the new bricks become visible right away, which is great.
However, my new problem is rebalancing the data in the directories.
There are literally tens of thousands of directories and millions of
files.  Using the scale-n-defrag.sh seems to do nothing and it spews
the "find: setfattr: No such attribute" when it tries to look for the
trusted.glusterfs.dht to delete!

Anyone know what can be done to rebalance in 3.0.6?



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