[Gluster-users] Suggestions welcome for expanded single array and redundancy

Stewart Campbell stewartcampbell at assureprograms.com.au
Fri Jun 3 08:38:49 UTC 2011


We have started evaluating Glusterfs and I am very impressed with what we have seen and tested.  I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction or offer a solution.  We have multiple servers which we wish to use for storage.  We would like to have a single storage array accessible by client machines on the network.  We would like to achieve N+2 redundancy but have the ability to keep adding servers to increase the available overall storage.  We basically want a big NFS accessible network storage with underlying redundancy across storage on different servers.

3 x Servers - each with Gluster configured with 1TB of storage
Configured for replication
Available storage 1TB
Redundancy 2 x copies

The above is straight forward.  What we want to achieve is
Add more servers (for the sake of the exercise specs will be identical)
Keep the same level of redundancy N+2
Increase storage
If 2 more servers were installed (5 x 1TB) - (2 redundant) = 3TB Available
If 4 more servers were installed (7 x 1TB) - (2 redundant) = 5TB Available
and so on

Is this possible with glusterfs and any suggestions on how to achieve this.  Please keep in mind we are expecting data growth and would like to keep adding servers to increase storage.


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