[Gluster-users] No space left on device

Mark "Naoki" Rogers mrogers at valuecommerce.co.jp
Wed Jan 19 05:52:46 UTC 2011

Assuming you are doing a straight distribute there(?), if the user in 
question is hashed onto the brick that is 100% full you'll get a space 
error. Not sure I followed your migration details though, when you say 
"user directories were moved into one of the above folders" do you mean 
copied directly onto the individual storage bricks?

On 01/19/2011 05:01 AM, zander at ekp.uni-karlsruhe.de wrote:
> mv: cannot create regular file `/storage/cluster/<etc...>': No space
> left on device
> Doing df -h tells me, however:
> glusterfs#
>                        104T   69T   36T  66% /storage/cluster
> It may be of importance that one brick in the cluster is actually 100%
> used. Others are almost completely empty. I am using GlusterFS.3.1.1,
> the file servers are running debian lenny or ubuntu server 10.04,
> clients are SLC4, SLC5, CentOS and ubuntu server 10.04.

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