[Gluster-users] File system permissions (groups) -- need to transition to NFS?

Andrew Séguin aseguo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 21:49:57 UTC 2011

Hello (again),

I write after making "adjustments" to my hardware (from a single
Caviar green to a raid array of Caviar blacks). I would still love
feedback about users with smaller systems for storing user home
directories in my range of hardware, as to expectations/sizing, etc.
(maybe in response to my mail from yesterday?)

One concrete problem I'm trying to resolve at the moment is with file
system permissions. In short, a user with gid=X and groups=Y,Z can
work in folders that are owned by group X and permissions 770, but can
not read/list the contents of a directory owned by group Y and
permissions 770.

The clients mount glusterfs directly. I double checked permissions on
the gluster underlying brick's file systems and via the gluster mount;
made sure there are no ACLs (via getfacl) -- not sure what to check
else? After a bit of googling I found only a mail to this mailling
list from December without answer

In the end, I managed to find the bug report
http://bugs.gluster.com/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2183, which
(per the comments) is still open in 3.1.2 -- but maybe it can't even
be fixed at all by the Gluster devs (if it's really FUSE that is the
problem as I understood from the comments)?

Two questions then:
- Is it really a FUSE or a Gluster issue that the additional groups aren't read?

- Thinking about switching to NFS on the clients, does the built-in
NFS service create more or less work for a distributed replicated
system (due to a shifting in the responsibility for the
synchronization?) on the servers? I'd tend to think yes - but if yes,
relatively speaking, how much? (at peaks during synchronization, I've
seen upto overall 50% CPU use  of a dual quad-core Xeon system).

Input is welcome!


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