[Gluster-users] very bad performance on small files

Jacob Shucart jacob at gluster.com
Fri Jan 14 17:58:30 UTC 2011

For web hosting it is best to put user generated content(images, etc) on
Gluster but to leave application files like PHP files on the local disk.
This is because a single application file request could result in 20 other
file requests since applications like PHP use includes/inherits, etc.
This kind of thing is fine on local disks, but when you're talking about a
distributed filesystem the network latency starts to add up since 1
request to the web server results in a bunch of file requests.

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> Gluster - and in fact most (all?) parallel filesystems are optimized for
very large files. That being the case, small files are not retrieved as
efficiently, and result in a larger number of file operations in total
because there are a fixed number for each file accessed.

Which makes glusterfs perfomance unacceptable for web hosting purposes =(
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