[Gluster-users] Infiniband

Bryan McGuire bmcguire at newnet66.org
Mon Jan 10 03:06:49 UTC 2011


I am looking into GlusterFS as a high availability solution for our email servers. I am new to Infiniband but find it could possibly provide us with the necessary speed. 

Could someone describe what I would need in the way of Infiniband hardware / software to complete the following.

Two to 4 front end email servers with each being a client and server for the GlusterFS file system performing replication of the data.

I think I would need the necessary Infiniband cards in each server along with an Infiniband switch. But do not have any background to determine which or even if this is correct. 

Thanks in advance.

Bryan McGuire
Senior Network Engineer
NewNet 66

bmcguire at newnet66.org

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