[Gluster-users] Gluster with CIFS, quotas and LDAP

Louis-Philippe Favreau lpfavreau at lg2fabrique.com
Fri Jan 7 14:19:34 UTC 2011



Does anyone has experience putting together Gluster with CIFS, quotas and
LDAP support?


I'd like to benefit from Gluster filesystem but with the user management
capabilities of the FreeNAS, Openfiler and such. I'm looking to put together
a stack to group multiple servers as one big file server with LDAP/AD for
user access, quota management and SMB/CIFS. We have a good number of
employees, we're handling big files (Photoshop and videos) and being able to
give the appearance of a unique filesystem that grows with the demand would
be very convenient.


I've successfully created a Gluster cluster and I've been able to
successfully install the client on an Openfiler instance but Openfiler seems
to be very picky on what it can use as a shared drive. Mounting the Gluster
volume inside an existing share does not seem to allow quotas with mounted
Gluster folder free space.


I've asked this question on


Anyone been successfully putting all this together?


Have a nice day and thanks in advance for your feedback!





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