[Gluster-users] Bug with ReiserFS (bis)

nurdin david duchnoun at free.fr
Sun Jan 2 18:53:07 UTC 2011


When i launch the server glusterFS on a reiserFS partition i got this error :

[2011-01-02 12:17:20.269951] C [posix.c:4313:init] posix: Extended attribute not supported, exiting.
[2011-01-02 12:17:20.269973] E [xlator.c:909:xlator_init] posix: Initialization of volume 'posix' failed, review your volfile again

And strace is :

stat64("/data/export", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=48, ...}) = 0
lsetxattr("/data/export", "trusted.glusterfs.test", "working", 8, 0) = -1 EDQUOT (Disk quota exceeded)
gettimeofday({1293965111, 13398}, NULL) = 0

I turn ON Xattr on the partition mount : 

/dev/mapper/pve-data on /var/lib/vz type reiserfs (rw,attrs,acl,user_xattr)

It seem when we make a sleep(2) at :


        /* Check for Extended attribute support, if not present, log it */
        op_ret = sys_lsetxattr (dir_data->data,
                            "trusted.glusterfs.test", "working", 8, 0);

It work .. but it's not a real "fix". Somebody has got this problems ?

I have no "quota" system installed, i don't understand why lsetxattr return this error ..

Have u got an idea ? 

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