[Gluster-users] Issues with RPC

Carl Chenet chaica at ohmytux.com
Sat Feb 26 12:08:13 UTC 2011


I use glusterfs 3.1.2 with Debian Sid. Glusterfs-server and glusterfs-client are installed
on both machines ( portmap and nfs-common packages (this last one providing rpc.statd) are also installed and started but when I try to use the following command from my first host (

# gluster peer probe
Command Execution Failed

Logs give me each time:
[2011-02-26 11:01:52.171701] E [rpcsvc.c:689:rpcsvc_program_actor] rpc-service: RPC program not available
[2011-02-26 11:01:52.172801] I [server.c:428:server_rpc_notify] server: disconnected connection from

I tried to stop/start portmap/nfs-common/glusterfs-server services but this does not seem to have any effect.

Carl Chenet

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