[Gluster-users] Reconfiguring volume type

Rahul C S rahul at gluster.com
Thu Feb 17 08:03:09 UTC 2011

Hey Fabricio,

No it can not be done as of now. To make the volume type distributed replicate, you need to have 2 brick replicated volume and then add 2 more bricks to make it distributed replicate. The conversion from distribute to distributed-replicate volume can not be done right now.

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Hi all.

> However if you have a replicate volume with count 2 already created, then
> you just need to add 2 more bricks and it will automatically become a
> distributed replicate volume. This can be scaled to 6 bricks by adding 2
> more bricks again and these steps can be done when the volume is online
> itself.

is it possible with the current 3 servers setup that Udo has, to add 1 server 
to the volume, then change the volume type to distribute-replicate, and after 
add the other 2 servers ?


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