[Gluster-users] Problem with performance

Roland Rabben roland at jotta.no
Sun Feb 13 15:43:13 UTC 2011

I have a few Glusterfs clusters. They are all running version 3.0.5.
Both servers and clients are on Ubuntu 64 bit systems.
My clusters are configured as Distributed and Replicated over Gigabit
network. About 5 clients are reading and writing millions of files in
all sizes to my filesystem.

The volumes are exported using the fuse-based Glusterfs client. Volume
size is usually 115 TB.

I am experiencing performance degradation as the number of folders and
files on my gluster filesystem grows.  Running a simple command like
ls can take minutes to complete.

Cocurrent write performance is pretty poor.

Is this performance degradation expected behavior?

Are there any performance improvements related to concurrency and
small files in Glusterfs 3.1?

Any operating system or RAID configurations the community can
recommend to help with performance? (We are mostly using Adaptec 5805
RAID controllers on or storage nodes.)

Best regards,

Roland Rabben
Founder & CEO Jotta AS
Cell: +47 90 85 85 39
Phone: +47 21 04 29 00
Email: roland at jotta.no

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