[Gluster-users] Trouble mounting via NFS

Marcel Pennewiß mailinglists at pennewiss.de
Mon Dec 26 19:43:17 UTC 2011


On Monday 26 December 2011 17:59:34 Bryan McGuire wrote:
> I am trying to mount via NFS from my CentOS 5.7 box using the following
> command. mount -t nfs /mnt/glusterssd
> and I get the following
> mount: failed, reason given by server: Permission
> denied

Did both GlusterFS-Servers have an IP-address from 192.* ? Otherwise you have 
to add the IPs of the Servers to auth.allow, see [1].

[1] http://gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2011-October/008916.html


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