[Gluster-users] performance tuning?

Ulli Horlacher framstag at rus.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Dec 21 08:09:05 UTC 2011

I have set up my first 2 node gluster with 1 GbE for testing.
Thanks to very good documentation, it was easy.

My aim is to use gluster for LXC VM replication.
Write performance is a critical issue for me. 

Test case 1: copying 22000 files with 1 GB totally 

local disc/filesystem: 47 MB/s
NFS3:                  13 MB/s
glusterfs:              4 MB/s

Test case 2: writing one file with 1 GB

local disc/filesystem: 123 MB/s
NFS3:                   95 MB/s
glusterfs:              67 MB/s

Especially the result of test case 1 is very disappointing. Is there a way
of tuning it up?

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