[Gluster-users] Limit access to a volume

Vijaykumar Koppad vijaykumar at gluster.com
Wed Dec 14 15:40:29 UTC 2011

 And if you want to unset it in Release-3.2.x , you have to set it again for the default value , which is provided for all the options in volume set help.

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Am 14.12.2011 14:57, schrieb Vijaykumar Koppad:
>     Consider you have set an option data-self-heal-algorithm to diff. So if you want to reset it to default value. you have use  volume reset<VOLNAME>   data-self-heal-algorithm . This will unset only that option and this option is available only in master.

Ok. Thanks.
I just called the "reset" without arguments, what resets all changes.
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