[Gluster-users] Speed of glusterfs

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at medizinische-genetik.de
Wed Dec 14 10:32:17 UTC 2011


we're currently testing glusterfs but getting a real slow connection with it.

I setup a environment with 2 replicated storage servers. Both machines and the 
client are connected by 1 Gbit, but if I copy a 2.5 GB file from the client to 
the volumen mounted with glusterfs protocol, I never get more than 35-40 MB/sec.

On the two storage I also run a NFS server. If I copy the same file from the 
client to one storage by NFS (the NFS server that was shipped with RHEL6), I 
get never less than 90-95 MB/sec. So the network/HDDs are possible to provide 
faster transfer.

Is there a change to get glusterfs to about the same speed? And why is it so 
slow? Does the glusterfs send the data directly to both storages? This would 
explain why it is so slow. But is there a change then to send the data just to 
one server and this one replicates it (over a second NIC) to the second one)?


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