[Gluster-users] forcing a brick to unload storage to replace disks?

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Thu Dec 8 19:54:51 UTC 2011

Hi All,

More time for gluster;  after much travel in the twisty dark tunnels 
of OFED, IB, card firmware & upgrades, OS compatibility, etc, I now 
have a distributed rdma volume over 5 bricks (2 on one server) and it 
seems to be working well.  I would now like to force-unload one brick 
to emulate a disk upgrade process.

Here's my vol info:
Thu Dec 08 11:44:05 [0.08 0.05 0.01]  root at pbs3:~
522 $ gluster volume info

Volume Name: glrdma
Type: Distribute
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 5
Transport-type: rdma
Brick1: pbs1:/data2
Brick2: pbs2:/data2
Brick3: pbs3:/data2
Brick4: pbs3:/data
Brick5: pbs4:/data

From the Admin doc, I can do a 'replace-brick' operation but that 
seems to require an unused brick as when I try to do that to an 
already incorporated brick, gluster complains that:

Thu Dec 08 11:52:12 [0.00 0.01 0.00]  root at pbs3:~
524 $ gluster volume replace-brick glrdma pbs2:/data2 pbs4:/data start
Brick: pbs4:/data already in use

Is there a process whereby I can clear a brick by forcing the files to 
migrate to the other bricks?

Harry Mangalam - Research Computing, OIT, Rm 225 MSTB, UC Irvine
[ZOT 2225] / 92697  Google Voice Multiplexer: (949) 478-4487 
MSTB Lat/Long: (33.642025,-117.844414) (paste into Google Maps)
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