[Gluster-users] (3.1.X) add-brick during re-balancing

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Mon Aug 29 06:09:41 UTC 2011

> 1. fuse module is required to 'glaster volume rebalance'.
> 2. 'gluster volume rebalance start' and 'gluster volume rebalance stop'
> must be issued in exactly same node.
> By the way, why multiple re-balancing on a volume can be exist in a cluster
> ?
Enhancement to make sure 'rebalance' operation co-operate with other peers
is in progress, and will be available in 3.3.0 release. For now, yes, there
is a possibility that single volume can have multiple rebalance operations
going on (on different machines). Even though it should not break any thing,
it will degrade the performance. For now, preventing this should be taken
care by admin.

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