[Gluster-users] Calculate Percentage of Layout Fix / Rebalance

Dave Bour dcbour at desktopsolutioncenter.ca
Sat Aug 20 11:26:51 UTC 2011

I've been running a Layout Fix now for 12 days and would like to know how
much has been done.

It's on a 2 node, replicated system with 2 1TB bricks on each, one 20% and
the other 84% full.

Is there any way I can get a clue as to how far along it is, especially
since it's only on step 1 of the rebalance process.

Can I simply take the number of directories on the volume and multiple
times the number of bricks to get a quick estimate of the total, then use
the reported number on the layout fix, to calculate the percentage

Ie, right now, I've ~2.47 million directories on the volume, so given I've
4 bricks - ~9.87 M - currently at 4.8M hence 49% complete?

How would I go about checking the second stage then too?

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