[Gluster-users] cluster.min-free-disk separate for each, brick

Whit Blauvelt whit.gluster at transpect.com
Wed Aug 17 14:06:50 UTC 2011

Hi Deyan,

This may not be a useful suggestion, but why not just partition your storage
so that your bricks remain uniform? When you get more disk capacity because
you've got 3TB drives instead of 2TB in RAID5, so that you have 15TB rather
than 10TB per system, why not split the storage into 10TB and 5TB
partitions, use the 10TB for a uniform-sized brick to add to an existing
Gluster storage area, and then take your 5TB partitions and set up another
Gluster share using that as your uniform brick size for it?

Might not fit your requirements at all - depends on what you're storing and
whether it makes sense to separate it into a couple of different areas. 


On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 04:28:42PM +0300, Deyan Chepishev - SuperHosting.BG wrote:
> Hello,
> This is really bad news, because I already migrated my data and I
> just realized that I am screwed because Gluster just does not care
> about the brick sizes.
> It is impossible to move to uniform brick sizes.
> Currently we use 2TB  HDDs, but the disks are growing and soon we
> will probably use 3TB hdds or whatever other larges sizes appear on
> the market. So if we choose to use raid5 and some level of
> redundancy (for example 6hdds in raid5, no matter what their size
> is) this sooner or later will lead us to non uniform bricks which is
> a problem and it is not correct to expect that we always can or want
> to provide uniform size bricks.
> With this way of thinking if we currently have 10T from 6x2T in
> hdd5, at some point when there is a 10T on a single disk we will
> have to use no raid just because gluster can not handle non uniform
> bricks.
> Regards,
> Deyan

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