[Gluster-users] Gluster server and multi-homing, again

Patrick J. LoPresti lopresti at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 18:48:19 UTC 2011

Hello.  I want to achieve the following with my Gluster configuration.

Each server has two fast local RAID partitions (let's call them /data1
and /data2) and two 10GigE network ports (let's call them eth1 and

I want all communication with /data1 to happen via eth1 and all
communication with /data2 to happen via eth2.

My application has just a handful of clients and servers, but I need
the highest possible performance for reading and writing single large
(100-1000 GiB) files.  This is why I want to segregate the traffic
between the two 10GigE interfaces.

All of my clients will be mounting the cluster using the gluster native client.

I think I can do this simply by running two glusterd processes on each
server, having them use separate /etc/glusterd working directories,
each binding to a different interface and serving up a different
partition.  Except I do not know how to tell glusterd to read from
(e.g.) /etc/glusterd1 instead of /etc/glusterd.

Could someone tell me how to arrange this, short of hacking the source
code to build two different glusterd binaries?  Or suggest another way
to achieve my objective?


 - Pat

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