[Gluster-users] GlusterFS 3.2.2 CentOS 6 client?

Mike Hanby mhanby at uab.edu
Wed Aug 10 21:47:50 UTC 2011

Anyone using CentOS 6 x86_64 clients to access GlusterFS 3.2.2 server farm (we have two servers in a distributed config)? I'm not having any luck with either NFS or Gluster Fuse mounts.

I have installed a test CentOS 6 machine as a test (currently our entire environment is CentOS 5 x86_64 machines). I can't get the EL6 client to successfully mount the Gluster file system.

I've tried mounting via NFS (where scratch is the volume name):

mount -t nfs glustersrv-01:/scratch /scratch

and by using the GlusterFS fuse mount (3.2.2 clients)

mount -t glusterfs glustersrv-01:/scratch /scratch

The NFS mount attempt will hang for quite a while before it finally times out
The Gluster client mount returns and shows that the file system is mounted, however I can't access it:

$ mount | grep gluster on /scratch type fuse.glusterfs (rw,allow_other,default_permissions,max_read=131072)

$ ls -l /scratch
ls: cannot access /scratch: No such file or directory

I am able to successfully mount and access this file system on my CentOS 5 systems.

Thanks for any ideas,


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