[Gluster-users] How can I get the X-Auth-Key in GlusterFS 3.3 Beta 1

吴巍 wuwei.tsh at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 04:57:52 UTC 2011


I download the latest version of glusterfs and the gluster-object-storage-3.3beta1.tar.gz.  And I operate as the doc defined after installation. But I have a problem now,that is I can't get the X-Auth-Key to launch the command:

To authenticate, use the following command:
GET /v1.0 HTTP/1.1
Host: <storage URL>
X-Auth-User: <user name>
X-Auth-Key: <authentication-token-key>

I tried the user password in plain text, but it didn't work.  Anyone can tell me how can I get the  X-Auth-Key ? 

Wei Wu

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