[Gluster-users] Some questions about gluster

Roberto Scudeller beto.rvs at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 12:39:45 UTC 2011


Thanks for your answers.

2 - I configure a gluster in the storage (opensolaris) and access with a
> gluster client?

I presume, by this you mean that you have an existing OpenSolaris
installation, which probably has a UFS/ZFS filesystem over which you want to
configure GlusterFS. If so, yes. This is how you use GlusterFS.

Another point. Why do you classify OpenSolaris as storage? It is an
Operating System. And, of course, "Open" no more...

I use opensolaris with ZFS and export a volume with NFS for my linux
servers. And Gluster 3.2 works in opensolaris (next 2010.03)?
In documentation I found about a version 3.0.4 (
installation with opensolaris, but I don't found with a newest version 3.2.

Anyone try this? Install Gluster 3.2 in opensolaris?

Thanks for help.

Roberto Scudeller
Especialista Linux/Unix
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