[Gluster-users] how to build raid10 with gluster 3.x?

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Thu Apr 28 06:30:44 UTC 2011

> I want to  build RAID10 with gluster 3.x.  Basiclly, I know use stripe &
> replica to build it. I try to use gluster command to create volumes, RAID0
> and RAID1 is ok. But, how to build RAID 10 with gluster command?
> Anybody can help me?
> Hi Liuben,

As of today RAID 10 (or RAID 01) is not supported configuration through CLI,
and hence is not very well QA'd internally. If you wish to use it, you can
use it with hand edited volume file, but it won't be working with CLI for
any 'volume set' etc operations.

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