[Gluster-users] client.c:1883 disconnected.

Mark "Naoki" Rogers mrogers at valuecommerce.co.jp
Tue Apr 26 03:34:20 UTC 2011


I'm seeing these messages every few seconds and looking for some assistance:

Client 1
[2011-04-26 12:25:07.178381] I [client.c:1883:client_rpc_notify] 
2-distribute-client-1: disconnected
[2011-04-26 12:25:10.188056] I [client.c:1883:client_rpc_notify] 
2-distribute-client-1: disconnected

Client 2
[2011-04-26 12:24:57.749822] I [client.c:1883:client_rpc_notify] 
0-distribute-client-1: disconnected
[2011-04-26 12:25:01.753013] I [client.c:1883:client_rpc_notify] 
0-distribute-client-1: disconnected

It's a case of RPC_CLNT_DISCONNECT according to the code but that alone 
doesn't tell me much. What does the '2-distribute-client-1' actually map to?


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