[Gluster-users] rebalancing after remove-brick

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I succeed to remove a pair of bricks from my dht+afr system, but my system
is not configured by the command line tool 'gluster', instead, I wrote
configuration files and run glusterfs+glusterfsd process to start the system
by hand. so it may  differ with yours,  anyway just for a reference.

1. Remove the target replica set from the system. Update the configuration
    file of the original system and restart the glusterfs process.

2. Create a dummy GlusterFS system with the removed replica set and mount it
    on a directory.

3. Copy the data from the dummy GlusterFS system to the original system.

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I'm having trouble migrating data from 1 removed replica set to
another active one in a dist replicated volume.

My test scenario is the following:

- create set (A)
- create a bunch of files on it
- add another set (B)
- rebalance (works fine)
- remove-brick A
- rebalance (doesn't rebalance - ran on one brick in each set)

The doc seems to imply that it is possible to remove bricks
and rebalance afterwards, is this incorrect ? Or should I maybe
use replace-brick instead for this ?

Thanks a lot,
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