[Gluster-users] Need glusterfs guru help.

Fyodor Ustinov ufm at ufm.su
Wed Apr 20 11:14:18 UTC 2011


I have a lot of server (about 600) and gluster cluster. Each server must 
have access only to its own directory on glusterfs.

ideal would be something like:
gluster volume create vol ds1:/vol ds2:/vol ...
mkdir /vol/dir1
mkdir /vol/dir2
mkdir /vol/dir3
set vol nfs.export-volumes off
set vol nfs.export-dirs off
set vol nfs.export-dir /dir1
set vol nfs.export-dir /dir2
set vol nfs.export-dir /dir3
set vol/dir1 nfs.rpc-auth-allow <IP>
set vol/dir2 nfs.rpc-auth-allow <IP>
set vol/dir3 nfs.rpc-auth-allow <IP>

But, as I understand, it impossible.

Second variant:

gluster volume create vol1 ds1:/dir1 ds2:/dir1 ...
gluster volume create vol2 ds1:/dir2 ds2:/dir2 ...
gluster volume create vol3 ds1:/dir3 ds2:/dir3 ...

and nfs.rpc-auth-allow <IP> for each volume.

But I'm not sure that is a best way.

Third variant - build standalone "gate" server for reexport glusterfs 
via standart nfs.

Maybe I missed something?


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