[Gluster-users] Gluster native client in case of distributed volume node failure

Emir Imamagic eimamagi at srce.hr
Sat Apr 16 19:01:05 UTC 2011


I am trying to find precise definition of gluster native client behavior 
in case of distributed volume node failure. Some info is provided in FAQ:

but it doesn't provide details.
The other info I managed to find is this stale document:

Document says that files on the failed node will not be visible to 
client. However, behavior of opened file handles is not described.

I did couple of simple tests with cp and sha1 commands in order to see 
what what happens. Server configuration:
  Volume Name: test
  Type: Distribute
  Status: Started
  Number of Bricks: 2
  Transport-type: tcp
  Brick1: gluster1:/data
  Brick2: gluster2:/data
  Options Reconfigured:
  performance.stat-prefetch: off
  performance.write-behind-window-size: 4MB
  performance.io-thread-count: 8
On client side I use default mount without any additional options.

*File read*: Both cp and sha1 seem to read to the point when node fails 
and then exit without error. In case of sha1sum it reports incorrect 
hash and in case of cp it copies part of the file. In Gluster client 
logs I see errors indicating node failure, but commands doesn't report 

*File write*: In case of write situation is slightly better as cp 
reports that endpoint is not connected and then fails:
  # cp testfile /gluster/; echo $?
  cp: writing `testfile': Transport endpoint is not connected
  cp: closing `testfile': Transport endpoint is not connected

Another interesting detail is that in client log I see that file gets 
reopened when the storage node comes back online:
  [2011-04-16 14:03:04.909540] I 
[client-handshake.c:407:client3_1_reopen_cbk] test-client-1: reopen on 
/testfile succeeded (remote-fd = 0)
  [2011-04-16 14:03:04.909782] I 
[client-handshake.c:407:client3_1_reopen_cbk] test-client-1: reopen on 
/testfile succeeded (remote-fd = 1)
However, command has already finished. What is the purpose of this reopen?

Is this expected behavior? Could you please provide pointers to 
documentation if such exists?

Is it possible to tune this behavior to be more NFS alike, i.e. put 
processes in IO wait until the node comes back?

Thanks in advance
Emir Imamagic

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