[Gluster-users] new user - questions

Anthony J. Biacco abiacco at formatdynamics.com
Mon Apr 4 16:47:34 UTC 2011


I'm new to using GlusterFS. I'm starting to test out 3.1.3, rpm based,
on centos 5.5. I was previously using NFS and was looking for a nice HA
I have it set up as raid1 on 2 storage servers with 5-6 clients using
the native client.
After reading the docs, I have a couple questions.

1. To turn NFS services off, looks like I need to set nfs.disable.
What's the possible values for this? 0,1,on,off,etc.. Also, do I need to
do anything other than the command line 'set' command?
Edit export config files? Remove or change nfs-server.vol?

2. I was reading in previous versions (tutorials and such) about
server-side replication using AFR, but haven't seen any instances of it
with the new version/config setup. I was wondering if it's still used
and/or recommended for server-side replication. If it is, I am also
curious as to its major upsides and downsides versus the default
client-side replication with the native client.

3. My 2 storage servers i.e. glusterd happen to run on servers that are
also clients. I notice that if I shut down glusterd on 1 of them that it
alos shuts down the gluster client mounts. In a situation where glusted
might be stopped either for: stupidity, OOM condition, segfault or other
fatal error in program, the client mount on that machine would die and
never go to the other storage server.
I was wondering if there's a good reason for this? And what are the
implications of commenting the unmounts out in the stop() section of
init.d script?

4. The documentation says that the diagnostics.* log level options have
possible values of "DEBUG|WARNING|ERROR|CRITICAL|NONE|TRACE" but that
the default level is NORMAL. Would I then be correct in assuming that
DEBUG is 1 up in detail level from NORMAL? Is there a reason NORMAL
isn't in the list of possible values?

Appreciate any help you can provide, and a thanks out to the developers
and people who work on this project.

Thank you,

Manager, IT Operations
Format Dynamics, Inc.
P: 303-228-7327
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abiacco at formatdynamics.com

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