[Gluster-users] Hardware advice?

Janne Aho janne at citynetwork.se
Fri Sep 24 12:30:55 UTC 2010


We are looking into setting up a glusterfs cluster to store VM images 
(for KVM and VMware). Usually we have machines from Dell, but we haven't 
found any good machine to use which allows a good amount of disk space 
and possibility to have at least 4 NICs (we are thinking about using 10 
gigabit network, otherwise we need to bond and use more NICs).

Sure we could buy just off the shelf stuff to keep the cost down, but we 
are looking for having a good hardware support (to be sure if something 
breaks down, that we will get spare parts).

Does anyone here have suggestion on hardware that can do the following:

1. having iDrac or similar (remote access to console)
2. at least 4 NICs which can be 10 gigabit (this for redundancy).
3. have an architecture which is supported by gluster (with other words 
no mc68k).
4. having space enough for a good amount of disks or jbod that can be 
connected to the machine (please no suggestion on Promise jbods).
5. It has to be rack mounted

If suggesting something else than Dell, please give some price 
indication on the hardware, don't care if it's accurate or not, just 
that I get some understanding if it's something that can fit our budget.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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