[Gluster-users] Gluster Storage Platform 3.0.5 fails to detect new nodes

brooks at netgate.net brooks at netgate.net
Fri Sep 24 00:06:14 UTC 2010

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, brooks at netgate.net wrote:

> Thank you.  The problem turned out to be a bad GigE card in the new node. The 
> information both you and Bala provided was extremely helpful in isolating and 
> resolving the cause.  I'm going to replace the card today and I'm sure things 
> will start to work correctly.

Replacing the card did not in and of itself solve the problem, none the 
less I was able to get the new node to install.  Now that it is installed 
(everything seemed to work perfectly) I've rebooted the server (fixing the 
disk "boot" parameter on an intel based server issue) but the new node 
still isn't showing up as being active in the server manager.  It has a 
place holder for the new node (named "gluster2") but it's status is red 
and it has no IP address, etc.  I can ping the new server so it's up and 
running on the net, and I can login to it on the console and things appear 
to be setup and running correctly.

Any tips on what to try next to figure out why the new node isn't being 
seen (in whole) by the server manager would be appreciated.

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