[Gluster-users] Windows NTFS Permissions

Robert Dye robertd at infinityward.com
Thu Sep 2 02:39:49 UTC 2010

So I have been tweaking, finding work a round's, etc to implement glusterFS
into my current environment.  The huge thing I see people complaining on why
it would not work for them is using NTFS ACL's and adding security groups,


Under the source - xlators/mount/fuse/fuse-bridge.c you can comment out
LINE: 59 to enable POSIX ACL's, which work flawlessly so far with Windows
NTFS Permissions/Security Permissions.  So far I have restarted, killed,
whatever else I can think of and the permissions stick, and all files seem
sane (no random messages from glusterFS).


Why is DISABLE_POSIX_ACLS even part of the source, when it appears to work
so seamlessly and make people like myself *want* to use Gluster?  What kind
of weirdness can I expect from doing this (besides the obvious of running a
hacked build)?


Going home now!



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