[Gluster-users] Mounting gluster volume from fstab at boot - Specifying multiple server nodes

Jon Swanson jswanson at valuecommerce.co.jp
Mon Mar 15 07:24:55 UTC 2010

Hello. glusterfs is flat out awesome.  

Just had a quick question about mounting a volume via fstab at boot time
that did not seem to be answered

I'd like to be able to specify multiple nodes at boot time, so if the
volume is spanned across Nodes A,B,C,D, and A goes down, the system will
still automatically mount the volume from B. It seems like you could do
that relatively easily referencing a volume file on the client.

I would like to avoid maintaining separate volume files on each client
if at all possible though.

Is there a syntax for providing an fstab line for a gluster mount that
will allow the gluster client to try multiple hosts in the event one is


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