[Gluster-users] how to export 4 disks by only one subvolume name?

jeti buskatze at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 21:50:23 UTC 2010

Ian Rogers wrote:
> Hi Jeti,
> Could you use LVM or mdadm on the server to create one filesystem on 
> the four disks and then export that?
i dont have much expirience on LVM, but already used mdadm (a bit)
either way, one thing i like about gluster is that it doesnt introduce a 
new filesystem OR handling of the filesystem underneath gluster
its not that i dont want to learn something new, but when it comes to 
safety of my data
i appreciate tools that i already know and in case of some failure i 
understand whats
happening and the problems that can further arise from such a failure

as a worst case i think i will export the disks via unix domain sockets, 
mount this directory
and reexport again using a second server vol file
at least it should work

> This won't fulfil your requirement of having whole files on one disk, 
> but does fulfil the other two (1 brink, add more disks later). Are you 
> intending to remove disks to transport files or something?
well, would be an interesting option, but not necessary i think ^^
but as stated above standard tools are easier and fail safer to use for 
me (currently)
> Ian
thx & regards

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