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Dennis A. Arkhangelski dennis.arkhangelski at webhostingbuzz.com
Wed Jun 30 16:51:39 UTC 2010

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I guess Jenn just faces severe I/O lags when farm connection rate starts
to increase. Gluster does not handle industrial load out of the box.

Jenn, can you please briefly describe your Gluster configuration and
application specifics? Actually I need:
- - your volume topology (how many, distribute/stripe/afr, stripe block
size etc.)
- - performance translators that are in use, specific translator settings
- - do you use FS locks?
- - what's your average file size?
- - can you please outline your FS access patterns (e.g. mostly read,
mostly write, access request rate estimates etc.)?

Quick and general hints are:
1. Renice glusterfsd and glusterfs processes on all server and client
nodes, I typically use -20. This is the must indeed, I even modify my rc
scripts to reflect it.
2. Check your I/O scheduler on server nodes and set it to "anticipatory"
(assuming you use Linux). It goes like this:
[root at tifereth ~]# cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
noop anticipatory deadline [cfq]
[root at tifereth ~]# echo "anticipatory" > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
[root at tifereth ~]# cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
noop [anticipatory] deadline cfq
[root at tifereth ~]#
3. Set your io-cache cache size and quick-read file size values to
reasonable minimum (glusterfs process may crash randomly under load when
these are set too high, seems to be version-independent).

On 30.06.10 19:05, Emmanuel Noobadmin wrote:
> I'll probably be using gluster for a web farm later this year so would
> you mind sharing a bit more stats on the load you are handling (and
> what kind of servers) when it crash and burns?
> On 6/30/10, Jenn Fountain <jfountai at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I am researching the best solution for file replication (images, htmls, etc)
>> for our web farm app.   Originally, the current production was configured to
>> read from the gluster mount on all 4 servers in the farm.  However, when the
>> load became high, the servers crashed and burned so I had to remove gluster.
>>    I realize that our configuration may not have been optimal so I am trying
>> to find the best configuration with gluster.  Does anyone on the list have
>> gluster configured in a webfarm and how do you have it configured?   Thanks
>> for any info!
>> -Jennifer
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