[Gluster-users] How about multi Gluster Server on a Physical Server?

galaxmen galaxmen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 11:51:41 UTC 2010

I want to deploy 8 Gluster server on one Physical server,

My reason:
My servers have 8 HDDs, I not run RAID because I want to gain max IO of 
all HDD. (RAID 5, RAID6 only faster (IO) 2 time compare with single HDD)

So I deployed 8 Gluster Server on single Physical server, each 
glusterserver mount with one HDD
1 client connected to 8 Gserver (with different ports).
And all seem run well. (config: distribute, round-robin)
I see Total-Performance is much better than single gluster Server/Single 
physical server with RAID5

I want to ask: if with this way is NORMAIL config (not abnormal ?), and 
have not any warning than single Gluster server/single Physical Server?
(I also replicate data each server to protect data, and in the future, 
my system will extend, with more physical server, more client... )

Thanks for your help!

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