[Gluster-users] Concurrency Access ?

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Tue Jun 1 07:41:31 UTC 2010

Shayn - 
Gluster's replication is implemented as "copy on write". That means that your client writes to both copies of the file at the same time. All file operations, including adding and removing locks are done synchronously. There is no possibility of replication partners getting "out of sync". 



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Subject: [Gluster-users] Concurrency Access ? 

Hello ! 

I've some question about this problem.. 

Situation : 

I've two site with each time glustefs server installed (And replication 
between both server) 

But, Two site are active with read and write operation.. 

What happens when both site write in the same time the same data.. ? 
There's no lock to say "" HEY i'm writing, don't touch this file"" no ? 

So.. Data may be corrupt ? 

Or i'm crazy and just don't understand.. : ) please need some help : ) 
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