[Gluster-users] Adding volumes - How redistribute existing data

Moore, Michael Michael.Moore at lifetech.com
Wed Jul 28 16:07:25 UTC 2010


  I am trying to add several new backend volumes to an existing GlusterFS setup.  I am running GlusterFS 3.0.4 using the distribute translator.  I've tried running the "scale-n-defrag.sh" script to redistribute the data across the additional volumes, but after running for a significant time, nothing was significantly redistributed.  What are the proper steps to do to redistribute the data?  Do I need to clean up the links GlusterFS makes on the backends before I run scale-n-defrag?

  I am running GlusterFS 3.0.4 on top of CentOS 5.4.  This is not running GlusterSP.

Thank you.

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