[Gluster-users] Inconsistent volume

Andy Pace APace at singlehop.com
Mon Jul 26 20:37:17 UTC 2010

I too would like to know how to "sync up" a replicated pair of bricks. Right now I've got a slight difference between the 2...

Scale-n-defrag.sh didn't do much either. Looking forward to some help :)

                     13182120616 139057220 12362648984   2% /export
                     13181705324 139057208 12362233500   2% /export

Granted, it's a very small amount (and the total availalble is slightly different), but the amount used should be the same, no?

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I have a volume that is distributed and replicated.  While deleting a directory structure on the mounted volume, I also restarted the GlusterFS daemon on one of the replicated servers.  After the "rm -rf" 
command completed, it complained that it couldn't delete a directory because it wasn't empty.  But from the perspective of the mounted volume it appeared empty.  Looking at the individual bricks, though, I could see that there were files remaining in this directory.

My question: what is the proper way to correct this problem and bring the volume back to a consistent state?  I've tried using the "ls -alR" 
command to force a self-heal but for some reason this always causes the volume to become unresponsive from any client after 10 minutes or so.

Some clients/servers are running version 3.0.4 while the others are running 3.0.5.



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